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Keeping it Affordable

The hardest part about any remodel is the cost it often incurs. This makes many people scared to try to remodel at all, and they end up deciding that they don’t want to remodel, so they end up living with the bathroom they have, no matter how inefficient it may be.

That’s what this book is for. In this chapter, you’ll receive tips on keeping the remodel affordably, and ensuring that it will still be of a good quality when you are done. That way, you can enjoy your bathroom for years to come, and still, have some finances to spare.

Of course, there are always some surprises in any remodel, and those can cost money, but if you stay on the lower end of your budget for all of the aspects for the remodel, then you will have the finances to cover those surprises. I know what you are imagining, “I hate that my bathroom looking like one thing you’d notice in an exceedingly basic trailer.” Don’t worry. Keeping things affordable does not mean that they have to be low quality, it just means that you may have to be a little more creative.

This chapter will help you unlock that creativity, and help you figure out what you need to do to stay on the affordable side of your budget to ensure that you are able to get through the renovation smoothly. Here are some ideas.


If you have a lot of bathroom elements that are in good condition, don’t throw them out. You can use them in your remodel, or you can sell them to make some cash to help offset the cost of buying something new. I know the exciting part of demolition is to bust things up, but using some restraint can save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as keep you from going over the edge on your budget.

There are many ways you can reuse things. For example, if you are going to keep the sink the same size, and you just don’t like the top or the look of the cabinet, save the cabinet, and sell the sink. Chances are, someone is looking for what you are getting rid of. The cabinet can be repainted to make it look the way you like. However, if it is a fiberboard cabinet, and you want real wood, sell the cabinet with the sink, and use that money to help with buying a new setup. If you just want to move the toilet, and want to get a new one

because your old one is stained, drain it, and try sandblasting the stain away, or taking just a regular old pumice stone to the stain. It will grind away the stains, and make your toilet look sparkling and new again for a lot less money than it would be to buy a new one. If you are not getting a bigger tub, you just want it to look a little nicer, try making it a “built-in”. Build a frame around it out of a nice material, such as wood treated with a waterproof stain and epoxy. This will make the tub look luxurious. Try taking a magic eraser or pumice stone to it to give it sparkle again, or maybe add a new faucet and hardware. This is a lot less expensive than going out and buying a brand new tub with all of these elements already attached, and it will give you some satisfaction knowing that you did it all yourself, rather than buying it from some big box stores.

Did you think that we forgot the shower or tiles in the bathroom? No way! It’s time to talk about that. For the shower, if you have one that is separate and you are not wanting to make it any bigger, then you can reuse it. If it is one of those plastic ones that come standard in the home, leave the framework, and rip out the plastic. If it has glass doors, but you don’t like the way they look, again keep the framework, and remove the glass. Now you have the shell of a shower. What should you do with it? Here’s a good idea.