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ideas for Garage Sales

Remember the bathroom tile? The ones you were ripping up because you wanted something new? Bust them up. Not too small, you still have to be able to use the chunks. Once you get them down into useable chunks, it’s time to turn them into a shower. Lay down some grout, and place the tile chunks like puzzle pieces into the grout, until your shower is complete. Now you have a cool stone shower.

Chances are, you probably have leftover pieces. This is where the glass comes in. (This can get kind of dangerous, so be sure to wear cut resistant gloves, and a face shield, along with the proper protective clothing) Break the glass like you did the tile. Make a grid of wire to place the pieces of tile and glass in whatever pattern you choose, and solder them together like a stained glass window. Place the glass/tile doors back in the frame. Add a new shower head and some updated hardware, and you have a new shower for a fraction of the price of a big box store, and with way more style.

Those are some ideas on how you can reuse elements you already have in your bathroom to save yourself some money, as well as reduce waste in the environment. And remember, if you don’t think you can use it, someone else can. Sell it online, or in a garage sale. You would be surprised how fast it could be sold.

Garage Sales

I know this sounds a little odd, but look for garage sales. They often times have a lot of the stuff that you are needing, whether it be tools, materials, fixtures, or even the actual bathroom appliances that you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to buy second-hand items, as a lot of times, you can get what you are looking for a tenth of the price of buying brand new, and it is still just as functional as if you were to buy a brand new item. Sometimes, if you look at the right time, a person will give away the old items that they ripped out of a bathroom for a remodel, just so they don’t have to haul it off themselves.

You’d be surprised what kinds of treasures you can find when you hunt at garage sales.

Don’t fret if your remodel is being done in the colder months, you can always look online. If you are on Facebook, try looking for some swap groups to see if you can find a gem there. Often times there are groups aimed specifically at what you are looking for, and in your area at that. These are like a giant online garage sale that goes constantly, and you can put a post out looking for something and have the people come to you. Often times they are willing to negotiate, or even make trades straight across for something you have, so that’s always a good thing.

There is also a site online called Craigslist. This site is a great resource for people looking to buy things and get a good deal. Everything is divided by sections, and areas, so it’s generally pretty easy to find what you are looking for. Plus, you can add search parameters to further narrow the amount of time you have to spend searching through things. This is important because as it has been stated a few times before, time is money.

See if you know anyone also doing a remodel on their bathroom, and see if they are willing to get rid of anything for a low price or free, or even a trade. This is a great way to save a lot of money on your remodel, so that way, if problems arise, you will probably have some wiggle room in your budget to pay for them.

These are some ways to save money by not buying brand new items in your bathroom, and instead of going the second-hand route, and saving an item destined for the trash heap. The environment will thank you, but your wallet will thank you more.