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How I Won my House Back and Erased my Mortgage [CHAPTER 7]

I decided to try a last-ditch attempt to save my house from foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy. The laws were changing soon on Chapter 13 bankruptcies and I figured I could file and save my home, make a payment plan to repay the debts and try to salvage what I could, especially the house.

Filing with an attorney was not cheap so I used what money I had leftover to start a bankruptcy case in hopes that I could keep the house and stop the foreclosure process.

My first appointment at the attorney’s office was surreal. When I walked into the mid-size office, almost every seat was taken. I felt like I was at the welfare building. Most of the stories were the same, people were trying to save their homes. I sat there with all the kids seated next to me with books or toys in hand, with me giving them the evil eye combined with a loving gaze. I tried to teach them at a young age a sort of mental telepathy that If they

embarrass me, I will embarrass them too, the fair was fair. They rarely let me down. The kids were getting bigger and bigger and I didn’t trust people with my babies so wherever I went, they went. That probably kept me out of a lot of trouble I’m sure of it. I was just always busy being a mom. When it was my turn to discuss my case, I was told that I could possibly save my house but that I didn’t have enough debt to declare bankruptcy. I was instructed to bring back all my bills and then they could determine if I would qualify then.

I paid my retainer fee and that started my bankruptcy case.

After reviewing my bills, they said it still wasn’t enough. Pearl had helped me clean my credit up so I had no outstanding debts except my house note and now a car note. He told me to stop paying on my car and house and to get some credit cards and charge them up, so I would have enough debt to file and keep my house. I would lose the car, but I was ok with that.

I was approved for multiple credit cards and accounts. I and the kids went shopping, went on family day trips, anything to add up the bills so I could save the house. It was weird because it felt good and bad at the same time. I followed directions and trusted what my attorney said. I was attending court and going to mediation to resolve the debt. I was not working by this time due to an unplanned pregnancy and was living off my savings. The proceedings were winding down and I planned to use my tax return and stretch that out until I could go back to work from maternity leave.

During this time there was the “Big Bank Bail-Out” where the government bailed out the banks that used predatory lending to create the housing crisis but did not bail out the homeowners who the banks had foreclosed on. I was one of those homeowners. I didn’t need to be refinanced, the lender came to me and dam near shoved it down my throat under the guise of , refinance or lose your home. What a great lender. After all that, months of anxiety, court cases, basically a huge waste of time and money, my motion for bankruptcy on the house was denied and I had to leave my home.

They said my house would be sold to pay back the debt that I owed. I was devasted. This was beyond bull shit and more than fucked up. I felt like a complete and utter failure. I thought I would deliver my baby early from the stress alone. I was 8 months pregnant and had to move. This could not be my life. During my housing hurricane, I decided I needed to getaway.

I told myself I needed a fresh start and that it was ok to leave because I was about to be put out anyways. I was hurt and ashamed, how could this happen? What type of mother allows this to happen to her family? I could not face anyone or anything, I was just too outdone. I loved my home and it was my greatest accomplishment next to raising my children. I was the only person in my family or circle of friends who owned a home. I was dumbfounded, how could I explain this to anyone? I barely understood it myself…