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How I Won my House Back and Erased my Mortgage [CHAPTER 6]

I was now 28 years old. Things were good, and I was feeling myself. I was doing everything I could do to be the Wonder Woman my kids believed I was.

I was a single mom who had a career, a car and a truck, and my own home. I was who Chaka Kahn was talking about when she sang “I’m every woman”. I was high flying and making big changes. It seems that I was not the only one making changes though. The real estate market was changing as well, and the housing bubble had just burst. It was all over the news, magazines, internet and countless interviews. What did the hell happen? Where are all these families going to live? Whose fault is this? Who signed all these documents? What????? Along with the housing bubble bursting, was my recently deflated self-esteem, now flying around the room like a balloon with a pin stuck in it. Apparently, most new home loans that were originated during that time in 2008 have defected in some way, shape or form. From undocumented incomes, home values increasing, illegal lending, Robo signing, you name it, it was being done in the mortgage industry. Who in the fuck was letting all this shit happen? My mortgage payment doubled in one month. I seriously thought that was a mistake.

I was waiting for someone to come and yell “ You just got Punked”!! I talked with the mortgage company numerous times, always with the same response, we cannot help you because you are not in default. I would explain to them that I was about to be in default, but I was trying to avoid that by making other arrangements, I was running out of time. My payment changed in the middle of the month with the new amount starting in less than 30 days along with the late fees I was now incurring due to the new fees added on from the current lender.

I thought to myself, this is definitely some bull shit and somebody need they ass whooped for this. That was not enough time for me to increase my income to make up the difference. I continued to attempt to work with the lender. I sold my truck. That gave me a little time and money to pay things down again, but it was only a crutch. My situation needed freaking surgery.

My mortgage was becoming delinquent, all my utilities were late, and the Housing Crisis was all over the news. Despite the media reporting on the conditions of the effects of subprime and predatory lending, I could not find anyone willing to help or even understand my situation. My only option was to pay up and become current or face foreclosure.

I was 30 years old.

I was slightly stressed now. Very close to the edge and about to lose my head, this was sounding too familiar. My late fees were stacking up because I was continually late with the new payment and I couldn’t afford hardly anything now, it was a snowball rolling out of control. I started to get a lot more letters from the mortgage lenders, solicitors and now, foreclosure proceedings in the mail. It wouldn’t stop. I was getting voicemails at work and on my cell phone.

I literally didn’t know what to do and on top of my financial stress, I was an emotional hot mess and was angry as hell about that shit. I would lay awake after I put the kids to bed and rock in my rocking chair back and forth, crying and thinking that I would come home from work and be locked out of my house from the bank taking my house back leaving me and the kids to have to sleep in our car. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was about to be homeless again. I refinanced my loan because the mortgage company said it would protect my home, now I was losing my home. This was beyond bull shit, this was totally fucked up.