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Alternative Materials

If you are on a budget, chances are, redoing the entire bathroom in granite is out of the question. Granite is an expensive material that will eat up a person’s budget faster than they can blink. While it looks beautiful, it is not worth the strain on your budget. You have to think logically, and while maybe a granite accent would not be too expensive, a whole granite floor would be.

That’s where alternative materials come in. There are several materials that can make your bathroom pop, without the expense of granite. Some have a look that is similar to granite, and some look totally different. Here’s just a shortlist of alternative materials that you might find appealing.

Soapstone: Soapstone is a beautiful soft rock that is very resilient. It is great for a bathroom because it does not get ruined by water. It looks like a very dark granite, but it doesn’t quite have the mirror finish. It looks great as a countertop or as flooring. Though it does not get ruined by water, it is difficult to hang, so it’s not great for a backsplash on a shower or tub or for a wall tile, but laid flat, it is easy to put down.

Marble: This has the look of granite, without the added expense of buying granite. It does scratch and stain, but in a bathroom, that shouldn’t really be a problem, as long as you keep it clean. It hangs well and is not affected by water, so it would make a great wall tile or backing for a tub or shower wall.

It also makes a great flooring or countertop, but beware, it is very cold in the winter, as it is so slick, it has nowhere for air bubbles to hide, so heat escapes it almost immediately.

Quartz: This has the beautiful mirrored shine of granite, but has shimmery specs in it as well. Instead of the matte pieces of granite, quartz only has shimmery specs. It also does not have stripes in it like a lot of granite has. However, quartz is an affordable, beautiful option for tiles or sink counters. With a lot of colors to choose from, there is also a lot more variety in quartz than there is in granite.

Ceramic: When you think ceramic, you probably think pottery and subway tiles. However, there are a lot of different objects you can choose from when you are buying ceramic. You can find a lot of beautiful styles in ceramic tiles, and there are so many different colors and styles to choose from in ceramic that it makes a great alternative to granite. If you are looking for a granite-style look, there are definitely ceramic tiles to match that.

Porcelain: Porcelain is not just for China dolls anymore. There are porcelain tiles available that come in so many varieties it may shock you. They are also more durable than you would think, being able to withstand an 18 wheeler driving over them if they are laid right, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking (unless you try to hang them on the walls). Porcelain does not grip grout very well in an upright position. So it does not bond well with the wall, allowing air bubbles to get trapped behind it, causing cracks to form in the tiles.

Travertine: This is a beautiful type of tile made from limestone. Each tile is like a fingerprint, as no two tiles are exactly alike. This could give your bathroom a one of a kind look, and the tiles hang or lay flat, so you could put them anywhere in your home. They are durable as well, so they will last for a good amount of time.

Slate: This is a stone tile that is very durable, and has a sleek and sophisticated look to it. It is a shiny tile and comes in a variety of colors.